24/7 Up-time Monitoring & Alerts

24/7 Up-time Monitoring & Alerts

know that your website is up and running smoothly!

By default each website that we maintain has it’s status checked once every hour, 24 hours 7 days a week. This alerts us that there is an issue that needs to be tended to & fixed as soon as possible; whether it be with our servers or your website, we just fix it.

Websites such as e-commerce, or higher traffic websites need to be alerted sooner then this. Gold Websites will have their status monitored & checked every 5 minuets, and will be immediately alerted via the email address stored in their KronosLabs account.

Included with our Maintenance & Security GOLD subscription!

See what the world sees & know that your website is up and running smoothly or the moment that your site goes down.